Who said...

... that diamonds are a girl's best friend? 

In love with my new gold necklace!


Song of the moment

Le Chabrot - love for your tummy!

Insider tip: good food and more importantly good wine!! Here in Bordeaux - reservations during the weekend are recommended! Try the "hachis parmentier de confid canard" - to die for!

Le Chabrot - 32 Rue du Chai des Farines -  33000 Bordeaux


Happy Birthday to me =)

Today is my birthday =) I had such a great time - thanks to all the lovely people who thought of me, were here with me and who shared the good moments! Bisous


Song of the moment

Brazilian Sweets

Sweets for my sweets, sugar for my honey =)

Brigadeiros and Beijinhos - soooo delicious and I know how to make them - thanks you two lovely Brazilian friends!!! Recipes follow soon ;)


Bon anniversaire!

All the love to the best mom in the world!!!!


Song of the moment

Zahra Hindi - Beautiful Tango

une soirée chinoise ;)



Mmhh - how could a Sunday be better than with a yummy piece of home-made cake, coffee and the sun shining like it has never done before?

Selah Sue - Raggamuffin


Song of the moment

a very special moment - xoxo Gossip Girl ;)

Lana del Rey - Video Games


Cousinchen in town!

A small very personal moment: Cousinchen was in town - sooo much fun!!!!!


Song of the moment

Perfect tune for a sunny autumn day like this

Ben Howard - The Wolves


World's best Tapas Bar

Or in basque: Pintxos bar: Bar Borda Berri in San Sebastian. The food is just to die for - try the risotto!!!

Viva España!

A short trip to Bilbao and again lovely San Sebastian!


Song of the moment

Recommended by a lovely friend and her music blog - check it out: PonyDanceClyde